Domenico BRUNO

E-mail: domenico.bruno@unical.it

Numero di telefono: 0984/496914

Indirizzo: Edificio 39/B - piano 6° - stanza 4

Pubblicazioni/curriculum: https://iris.unical.it.

Informazioni: POSITION: since 1990 full Professor of Structural Engineering at the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Calabria.
ACTIVITIES: Currently, he is the President of the University Evaluation Unit for the University of Calabria; during the years 1992 -1998 and 2006 – 2011 he was Head of the Department of Structural Engineering, University of Calabria; Member of the Academic Board of the PhD Course in “Materials and structures engineering”, University of Calabria; Member of the Academic Board of the PhD Course “SIACE”, University of Calabria.
CURRENT RESEARCH ACTIVITIES: He was responsible of several research projects, like that funded by the European Community entitled “Materials for Innovative industrial Applications - Composite Materials and their use for structural rehabilitation”, the national research project of the Italian Research Council (CNR) “Innovative materials in structural engineering and their use in constructions”, PRIN research projects entitled “High performance concrete structures and their application in civil Engineering”, “Deformability in long span bridges under moving loads”.
TEACHING ACTIVITIES: His teaching activity includes undergraduate courses of Strength of Materials, Dynamics of Structures, Theory of Structures, Bridges, Statics. He is peer reviewer for the evaluation of the Italian research system achievements in the time period 2004-2010 (VQR 2004-2010) promoted by the Italian Research and University Evaluation Agency (ANVUR), within the Civil Engineering and Architecture area for the disciplinary field of mechanics of materials and structures. (GEV08). Presently, he is member of the editorial board of the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF STRUCTURES and of the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BRIDGE ENGINEERING.
PUBBLICATIONS: His scientific activity, with more than 150 papers, published on international referred journals, national journals and proceedings of national and international conferences, regarded analyses and modelling of structural problems of long span bridges, unilateral problems in structural mechanics and damage and fracture analysis of advanced composite material structures.
MAIN BIBLIOMETRIC INDICATORS: H-INDEX 12 in SCOPUS, 410 SCOPUS citations by 289 documents
Scopus profile: http://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.url?authorId=7006353748.

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