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Scientific conference “Ecological Architecture 2013” First call

Dear colleagues,

Department of Architecture and Land Management of Kaunas University of Technology organizes and invites to the international scientific conference “Ecological Architecture 2013” (website of the Conference:

The aim of the conference is to discuss the application of ecological ideas and principles of sustainability to the fields of architectural design and planning, to share the Lithuanian experience in this field with foreign colleagues, to identify the aesthetic and technological peculiarities of ecological or sustainable architecture considering climatic conditions, sociocultural peculiarities and other features of the region.

Conference Ecological Architecture 2013 is organized as a part of Kaunas Architecture Festival (website of the Festival:, which will take place in the city of Kaunas in September and October. The festival is dedicated to waterfronts:

historic cities and their links with rivers. Thus Ecological Architecture 2013 is dedicated to:

City center revitalization;

City and water;

Landscapes and water.

Other topics of the conference:

Application of the principles of sustainability and ecological design to architecture, planning, and construction; Critical approach to principles of sustainability and ideas of ecological design; Concepts and models of sustainable, ecological, and organic urban development; Influence of sustainable and ecological design on expression and development of contemporary architecture; Aesthetic and psychological aspects of ecological architectural design and planning; Links between the ecological architectural design and planning and local identities; Technological aspects of ecological architectural design and planning; Digital design for sustainability; Ecology and sustainability in landscape architecture; Heritage preservation dimension in ecological architectural design and planning; Challenges of preservation of cultural landscapes and ecological sustainability.

See the invitation to the conference attached to the e-mail.

Chairman of the scientific committee

Prof. K. Zaleckis

Chairman of the organizing committee

Assoc. Prof.  I. Gražulevičiūtė-Vileniškė





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