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Dear colleagues and friends,
please find here some information on our new joint training initiative that might be of interest for your students and co-workers. The others please excuse for the spam.

The Marine Science Training Network is a collaboration between the HYDRA-Institute for Marine Sciences with Field Station on the Island of Elba/Italy and KAI Marine Services, a Spanish research and consulting company that mainly does shipbound expeditions. This year students have even more comprehensive possibilities to study the Mediterranen Sea during our summer courses. While on the HYDRA Field Station they get an introduction to scientific diving and various aspects of coastal marine biology, on board of the KAI sailing vessel they can become part of a research expedition in the framework of the EU LIFE+ MIGRATE project and study great pelagics in the waters of Malta, and while sailing from there back to the Balearic Islands.

For further information please refer to the following websites:

Please forward the information to anyone who might be interested.

Best wishes,